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Founded in 2010 by Hesam Dehghani, Persian Magic is a group of independent filmmakers and professional crew members, specialized in film and video industry. We provide comprehensive, turn-key production and location support services for film, television, commercials and music video for overseas filmmakers, producers and production companies on their shoot in Iran.

Our experience encompasses short and feature films, fiction, documentaries, scripted or non-scripted TV Series, aerial shots and music videos. We always find the best solutions for every budgets and adapt to client needs and preferences.

We have successfully collaborated in dozens of international film projects and our clients include Discovery Channel. EBS-1, MBC, Science Channel,... as well as other companies from USA, Canada, France, The Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Egypt, Switzerland, Turkey and... .

Our office in Tehran works under the rules and regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran. We have extensive experience working both within the Iranian film industry and with the national filming licensing authorities in Iran. We have been able to successfully shoot all or parts of film projects in Iran on behalf of the production team (based on the guidelines and storyboards); also, we have helped many overseas filmmakers to have a smooth and memorable shoot in this region of the world.


We form dynamic teams based on the nature and requirements of each project. This enables us to have the highest quality and the fastest response time. Whether you'd like us to shoot all or parts of your film on your behalf, or you're just interested in hiring some of our crew members, tell us about your project and we'll make sure to make your filming experience the smoothest ever!


We have many ready-to-produce screenplays, ranging from documentary to short and feature films. If you are an investor, looking for sponsoring creative projects, do not hesitate to contact us.


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