Persian Magic
Art Group

Five Senses of Art (2015)

A Film by: Hesam Dehghani





(Full HD, 1.5 GB)

Tagline: FEEL THE ART.

Synopsis: The film goes on a picturesque journey across Iran and searches for people who are using their five senses for creating art.

From a small village in the very northern part of Iran to a southern island, the film takes us to seven different cities and shows the unique use of each human sense to creating “things”, that are beyond our basic needs.

This short documentary is divided into five segments: Smell, Taste, Sound, Touch and Sight; and depicts the art blended with culture, religion, beliefs and traditions of Iranian people.


Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 21 minutes

Filming Location: Iran (Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kerman, Tonekabon, Qeshm Island, Niasar)

Completion Date: June 14, 2015

Released:  1. November 2015: Moab International Film Festival (USA)

                       2. December 2015: Zero Plus International Film Festival (Russia)

                       3. April 2016: CMS International Film Festival (India)

                       4. April 2016: Jacksonville International Film Festival (USA)

                       5. April 2016: Riga Tourism International Film Festival (Latvia)

                  6. June 2016: VIVA International Film Festival (Bosnia)

                  7. June 2016: Baku International Tourism Film Festival (Azerbaijan)

                  8. June 2016: Culture Unplugged Film Festival (Indonesia)

                  9. August 2016: Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco (USA)

                  10. September 2016: Grand Indiewise Convention (USA)

                  11. August 2017: Troia Handmade Documentary Film Festival (Italy)

                  12. September 2017: Zagreb International TourFilm Festival (Croatia)

                  13. December 2018: InShort Film Festival - Lagos (Nigeria)

                  14. April 2019: Intimalente International Film Festival - (Italy)


Directed by: Hesam Dehghani

Produced by: Persian Magic Art Group

World Distributor: Gonella Productions

Cinematographer: Shahriyar Kavoosi

Editor: Hesam Dehghani

Music by: Ethan Ferdosi, Foad Tohidi, Mina Mehrizi, Fardin Lahurpur, ChaarTaar

Production Manager: S. M. Neamatzadeh

Camera Assistant: Salman Ebrahimi

Colorist: Siavash Poorkhalili

Technical Support: Moshaver Honar (MosharIran) Co.

Equipment by: Green Visage Co.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Aspect Ratio: HDV (1920x1080)