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گروه هنری


Our first feature film is in the last phase of post-production and will be released soon!

Trauma: The Darkest Side is about five negative human feelings and the impact of them on our mind and soul. In five episodes, the movie deals with despair, temptation, guilt, suspicion and anger.

  • Unearthed: Lost City of Persia (2021)

UNEARTHED investigates new evidence that reveals the myths and mysteries behind ancient civilizations and the iconic mega-structures they built.

We produced one full episode of this exciting TV series (season 9 / episode 01) for Windfall Films in Iran. We filmed in Iran's most famous historic sites such as Persepolis, Pasargadae and Naqsh e Rostam and sent the footage to the edit room in London for post production. The film was premiered on Discovery Channel and Science TV on May 2, 2021.

After wrapping this project successfully, Discovery Channel were so happy about the footage that they offered us to produce an extended version of the film, A 90 minute special, called Persepolis: Secrets of the Lost City (working title). Again, we produced the film based on the received shooting script and sent the rushes (ground and aerials) to the post house in London.

Now you can watch the full episode (42 min) online on:
YOUTUBE    Science Channel   Amazon Prime   

  • Trauma (2020)

Trauma is a short film based on actual events. It's about one of the darkest and most common crimes that happens in the world, every 120 seconds.

Watch the teaser trailer here:

  • Sisters Apart (Im Feuer) (2020)

  • Feature Film
  • Production Company
  • Pallas Film (Germany)
  • Director
  • Daphne Charizani
  • We provided some post-production services for this amazing movie.

    The film is a German/Greece production and tells the story of Rojda, a German soldier and native Kurd, volunteers for a mission to train female Kurdish soldiers in Iraq to fight ISIS. No one must know that she is actually looking for her missing sister.

    The good news is that Sisters Apart will be screened in this years Berlinale Film Festival.

  • Producing Footage in Tehran (2019)

  • Documentary
  • Production Company
  • Alaska TV (UK)
  • Producers
  • Kezy Kranston, Jon Ormrod
  • In a collaboration with the UK based company Alaska TV, we filmed the necessary scenes for their upcoming documentary film in various locations in Tehran.


    The locations included Tehran's Grand Bazaar, Emamzadeh Saleh (a famous mosque), Golestan Palace (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and other places. We used the same camera (Sony FS7 ii) and lens as theirs, followed the instructions regarding camera movements and angels and delivered the footage to the producers before the deadline.

  • Break A Nail (2019)

  • Documentary/Sport
  • Production Company
  • ZoomIn TV (The Netherlands)
  • Producer
  • Renata Bagirova
  • Director
  • Hesam Dehghani (Iran Segment)
  • Women around the world are often subject to harmful stereotypes depicting them as being weaker or inferior to men. The world of sports is no exception. This film tells the stories of girls who have broken through stereotypes and are participating in sports that are usually dominated by men. It wasn't easy for them to get there, but it was certainly worth it.

  • We are truly happy to be a part of this amazing project offered by ZoomIn TV, to shoot one segment of this film in Iran. We did the research, introduced the profile (a female wrestler champion and coach), handled all pre-pro steps and successfully shot it in Tehran.


  • ARIJ Project about The World of Islam (2019)

  • Documentary - 60 min
  • Production Company
  • Deutsche Welle Arabic (Germany)
  • Producer
  • Mehdi Ebadi (Iran Segment)
  • A documentary film sponsored by DW TV and produced by ARIJ (Arab Reporters Investigative Journalists based in Jordan) about the proximity between Islamic schools of thought. The film was shot in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran. We produced all the Iran segments of this film, including the interviews and b-rolls, in Tehran and Qom. Also, we participated in the research phase of this project.

  • The film is in post-production now and will be broadcasted in 2019 on DW Arabic TV Channel.

  • The Origin: Five Elements of Human Civilization (2018)

  • Documentary TV Series (5 episodes)
  • Production Company
  • EBS (South Korea)
  • Production Services (Iran)
  • Persian Magic Art Group
  • Segment Director (Iran)
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • We are honored to cooperate on this amazing international project, which was filmed in several countries across the globe, including Iran. We filmed one episode ("Water") on behalf of the production company in 5 different cities in Iran and sent the rush to South Korea for post-production. You can watch the delivered footage vs. the received storyboard in THIS VIDEO.

  • "The Origin" is a documentary about Asia's ancient science history. The series focuses on the scientific aspects of how Asian ancestors understood and controlled fire, water, wood, metal and earth, the five basic elements of the ancient Asian world view.

  • Click HERE to see some behind-the-scene photos from our production.

  • Kingdom Come (2017)

  • Documentary/History
  • Production Company
  • Red Dog Collective (Australia)
  • Production Services (Iran)
  • Persian Magic Art Group
  • Production Manager (Iran)
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • A documentary film about the one of the biggest mysteries of the human history, directed by the Australian filmmaker Kyle Vincent. It was filmed in Greece, Italy, Iran, UK and Germany.

  • We are honored to be a part of this amazing international project by providing all production services in Iran, including obtaining the proper entry Visas, getting all necessary shoot permits for ground and aerial filming and also providing local cast and crew.

  • The film is now available on DVD, Bluray and online. Click here for more information and purchase options.


  • A Billion To One (2017)

  • Episodic Web Series, Drama/Crime/Comedy - 12x45 min
  • Production Company
  • CollabFeature (USA)
  • Lead Producer
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • An international TV series that centers around an old billionaire at the end of his life who has no heir. He decides to leave his fortune to the person who deserves his wealth. But who in the world is the most deserving one?

  • We are producing this unique TV series with collaboration of hundreds of filmmakers from all around the globe.

  • Now you can watch the film on Amazon Prime and Vimeo VOD.

  • Train Station (2016)

  • Crime/Drama - 95 min
  • Production Company
  • CollabFeature (USA)
  • Co-Writer, Co-Director
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • When a mysterious train accident makes a man change his plans, he is confronted with a series of choices. Each decision he makes, leads to a different scenario... each one filmed by a different director.

    Filmed in 25 countries, the film is the second product of CollabFeature, the international group of independent filmmakers, in which Hesam Dehghani (besides working as a co-director) is a Lead Producer and Group Captain.

    "Train Station" has been selected by over a dozen film festivals around the globe and won many awards, including The Best Feature Film in Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival.


    And now you can now watch the movie online:

    Amazon USA        Amazon UK        Amazon DE        Amazon JP

    Video-on-Demand (Worldwide)

  • IRU's eTIR Movie Project (2016)

  • Documentary - 30 min
  • Production Company
  • IRU (Switzerland)
  • Director (Iran Segment)
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • We filmed parts of this documentary film for IRU (International Road transportation Union, based in Switzerland). The shootings was done during 3 weeks in Tehran and Bazargan (a city right on the Iran-Turkey) border.

    The film is about IRU's new tracking and checking online system, which was installed for the first time in Iranian and Turkish customs offices. We filmed in various locations in both cities to show facilitation of the new system for officers, truck drivers, transportation companies, customs offices. The film also included many interviews with very high ranked managers.

    We managed all Pre-Production tasks and filmed all the necessary scenes in both cities and then sent all the footage to the Post Production company in Istanbul, Turkey.

    You can watch one part of the film HERE.

Tagline: Feel The Art

  • Synopsis: The film goes on a picturesque journey across Iran and searches for people who are using their five senses for creating art.

    From a small village in the very northern part of Iran to a southern island, the film takes us to seven different cities and shows the unique use of each human sense to creating “things”, that are beyond our basic needs.

    This short documentary is divided into five segments: Smell, Taste, Sound, Touch and Sight; and depicts the art blended with culture, religion, beliefs and traditions of Iranian people.


  • Elsevier (2015)

  • Documentary - 30 min
  • Production Company
  • Marco Klein + Partners (Netherlands)
  • Director (Iran Segment)
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • We shot the interview with one of Iranian scientists for this famous Dutch company based on their storyboard and other technical details. Our team also did the fixing and received the shooting permits.

  • A Letter of Recommendation is available at the link below:

  • Tehran Football Club (2014)

  • Documentary - 26 min
  • Production Company
  • Francois Du Chatenet Films and Photos (France)
  • Local Production Manager
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • We are proud to be a part of this interesting project and cooperating with one of the most professional cinematographers in the world, Mr. Du Chatenet, by providing shooting permits, location scouting, translation, crew and transportation services.

  • We completed all outdoor shootings (10 different locations) in 3 days and we learned many things from fantastic Mr. Du Chatenet.

  • A letter of recommendation is available at the link below:

  • On the Road to Rio (2014)

  • Episodic (Documentary, Fiction, Video Clip) - 60 min
  • Production Company
  • Circus Publicis (Mauritius)
  • Director
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • This film includes 32 short films from 32 countries participating in the FIFA World Cup 2014, produced by one of the most reputable award-wining companies in east Africa.

  • We are proud to be chosen to represent Iran in this exciting project. Filming from north to south, we produced a 100 seconds video clip with the soccer ball as the main character!

  • Softwaring Hard (2014)

  • Documentary - 90 min
  • Production Company
  • Porcovete Pictures (Canada)
  • Director
  • Alex Pop
  • Second Unit Director
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • A documentary about the world of software makers. The purpose of this film is to help people from outside the industry to get a glimpse of what the industry is really about and for the people inside the industry to get some kind of feedback about how other people perceive the things they do to create a software.

    Users and software makers from 11 countries in 6 continents express their ideas and we filmed 4 interviews and parts of this film in Iran.

  • Dagang: Persian Carpet (2013)

  • Episodic Documentary TV Series - 11x60 min
  • Production Company
  • MediaCorp and GridMedia Pte Ltd (Singapore)
  • Creative Director
  • Khairudin Samsudin
  • Production Manager
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • A series that highlights Singapore's trading history as early as 19th century to early 20th century. One episode is about the famous Persian Handmade Carpets.

    Our Services: Production Research, Location Scouting, , Fixing, Press Visa, Filming Permits

  • The Last Breath (2012)

  • Short Promo, Drama - 4 min
  • Production Company
  • Neelos Productions (USA)
  • Producer
  • Wajahat A. Abbasi
  • Writer / Director
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • A short promo (for a feature length movie) about a teen boy living in Tehran who faces many problems when he comes out to his family and friends....

    We shoot, edited and sent this short film to the producer based on the guidelines. All crew members including actors are members of Persian Magic.

  • Stock Footage: Tehran & Thailand (2012)

  • Stock Footage
  • Production Company
  • Orbit Creative (Canada)
  • Owner
  • Robert Howard
  • Producer
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • Producing stock footage based on guidelines and storyboards, we filmed all the necessary shots in Tehran (Iran) and Pattaya (Thailand) for this Orbit Creative based in Canada.

  • The Island of the Seven Wonders (2012)

  • Documentary Short - 18 min
  • Production Company
  • Qeshm Free Zone Organization
  • Producer
  • Mehdi Ebadi
  • Director
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • A documentary about natural, geological, historical and wildlife beauties of Qeshm, the biggest island in Persian Gulf.

  • Pirates of the Indian Ocean (2012)

  • Documentary Short - 35 min
  • Production Company
  • IRIB.Ch1
  • Writer, Director, Producer
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • The story of fishermen who became pirates in Somalia. Captain Asgharzadeh, whose gigantic oil tanker ship was attacked by pirates recounts the story of that night.

  • Stuxnet: Cyberwar (2011)

  • Documentary Short - 33 min
  • Production Company
  • IRIB.Ch1
  • Writer, Director, Producer
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • Documentary about Stuxnet, the most intelligent computer virus, that attacked to many power plants around the world in 2010. Experts from Iran, Germany and Spain (including Luis Corrons, technical manager of Panda Antivirus) talk about this virus and the future of computer malware.

  • You Have Won 9 Million Dollars! (2011)

  • Documentary Short - 37 min
  • Production Company
  • IRIB.Ch3
  • Writer, Director, Producer
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • Documentary about internet scams and emails that claim we have won millions of dollars on online lotteries. We responded to a real email, communicated with scammers and played with them to see how they work.

  • One Damn Degree (2010)

  • Thriller/Drama - 18 min
  • Production Company
  • Persian Magic Art Group
  • Worldwide Distributor
  • Oracle Releasing (USA)
  • Writer, Director
  • Hesam Dehghani
  • Kiana is a 15 year old school girl. She is shocked when she realizes that her best friend, Sara, has another identity. Kiana is now forced to do a job that she had never imagined even in her worst nightmares.

  • This short film was screened in many festivals around the world and was purchased by a Hollywood based company.