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I'm interested in shooting my film in Iran. Is it possible at all?

Yes. Any filmmaker from any country can shoot his or her film in Iran. You just need to travel over here with the right type of Visa, and obtain the official "Shoot Permits".

(Australian filmmakers shooting a documentary in Persepolis, 2017)

What is a "Shoot Permit" and how much does it cost?

It's an official document issued by the police, which allows you to shoot your film in any city or location across Iran. Everybody (including Iranian filmmakers) need to obtain it before starting their shoot. There are separate permits for ground and aerial filming, but it's easy to apply and obtain. Ofcourse there are specific locations (like military sites) that are not covered in the general permits; they need special permits and more work.

The fee depends on the number and types of locations in your desired cities. We will tell you the fees when we know details about your project.

How can I shoot / produce my film in Iran?

Basically there are two options:

    1. You and your team travel to Iran and shoot your film.

    2. We produce your film with our professional team and send you the footage.

I don't want to travel to Iran, so how can your team produce it for me?

If you can't travel to Iran for some reasons, then we can produce the "Iran segment" of your film here and send it to you.

Just tell us what you need (footage, interviews, short films,...) along with the guidelines and storyboards. We will shoot them for you and send the files to you for post-production. Based on the volume, we can upload the original files for you to download or copy them on a USB or External Hard Disk and mail it to your address. We have done it successfully many times and we believe we are very good at it!

You can watch the quality of our work in this video (delivered footage vs. received storyboard). We produced it across 5 cities in Iran for client based in South Korea as part of the documentary TV Series "The Origin: Five Elements of Human Civilization". You can also watch the entire broadcasted episode here (in Korean).

(Parts of the documentary TV Series "The Origin" we filmed in 5 cities for a client in 2018)


I want to travel to Iran myself. Now what should I do?

You should travel to Iran "as a filmmaker". For this purpose, you'll need an Iranian sponsor (a film production company) to do some paperwork and submit the request (for your desired dates) to the Ministry of Culture. After the approval, our request will be forwarded to the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs. Then you can collect your Type H Visa in any Iranian embassy in any country. To summarize:

1. You should fill out the Application Form and send it back to us along with some documents (passport copy, project summary,...)
2. We'll do the paperwork and receive the grants from the authorities. Also, apply for the shoot permits.
3. You go to any Iranian embassy in the world and receive your Press Visa. Simple!

Do I really have to travel with a "Press Visa"?

There are various types of Visa for traveling to Iran: Tourist Visa, Business Visa,... and Press Visa.

If you're traveling to Iran to shoot your film, then you should apply for a Press Visa. This Visa allows you to produce your film in any city and you will be supported by the government during your stay. You will receive your Press Card and your "Shoot Permits" as soon as you arrive. With a Tourist Visa, you are not allowed to use any type of professional film production equipment (not even a tripod). You can only use normal cameras and act as a tourist. Also, you might not to use a camera at all in specific locations like inside museums.

(A Press Visa - Type H - we obtained for a client)

What are the required documents?

1. The completed Application Form, signed and dated by the applicant (last page)
2. Two 3x4cm photos (you can scan/email it to us)
3. Passport copy
4. Short description about the project, plus the script
5. Your production company profile or the filmmaker's latest CV
6. A letter to Persian Magic Art Group (on your letterhead) for hiring our services

How long does it take to receive a "Press Visa"?

2 to 4 weeks. So, the sooner you apply, the better.

Should I take all my film production equipment to Iran?

We have almost all standard and professional equipment here in our office; usually with renting prices less than your home country!

You take yours with you, or you can rent them here and travel lighter!

What does Iran have to offer?

Iran is a vast country. From beautiful deserts to snowy mountains, from spectacular waterfalls to jungles, seas, islands, historic villages, ancient sites and modern cities, Iran has a lot to offer. We can help you find your desired location. Just tell us what you're looking for and we'll send you several options!

I have more questions! What should I do?

Just contact us. We usually reply within a few hours, if not instantly!